Vet Tails

Published January 31, 2018

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Veterinarians and Dogs… likely not your dog’s favorite place to go. My dog hated—and I mean HATED— going to the vet’s. His entire personality changed the minute he walked in the door, and he never acted like himself again until we were heading back out the door to leave.

I am not sure if it is the smells in the Veterinarians offices— maybe dogs can pick up the scents of other sick and or dying dogs? Or, maybe it’s the association of past trauma—needles, pain, pills?  Or it might be that weird medical smell that bothers even me when seated in the Veterinarians waiting room.  I am not sure what it is—likely, the entire list above—but most dogs’ exhibit some degree of an altered personality the minute they realize that this outing, is not at all what they were wishing for when you put them in your car.


I had the same veterinarian for 15 years, and the whole staff knew Canoli. You would think that this would offer some comfort to my little furry boy?  We would sit in the waiting area, with all of the other dogs, and instead of playing or interacting with the dogs Canoli would sit in between my feet or cuddled up in my lap.  And when he was standing on all four paws, his back legs quivered nervously, even though he maintained a stoic ‘I am not afraid’ face, the quivering back legs were a dead give-away as to his overall fear of being back at the Vet’s.

Once seated in an exam room, not even the lure of the numerous treats that the Veterinarian kept jars off could keep him happy or distracted. After a few doggie treats he would start to scratch at the door to get out, or if the door was open he went and sat outside of the exam room as far as the leash would extend. It used to make me laugh at how clever he was at finding ways to try and escape what he somehow knew might be immanent doggie-torture.  Human’s know and understand why our dogs need to see the Veterinarians, but trying to get your fur baby to understand why you were back at the puppy-trauma-center is a truly difficult feat.

Vet Tails

I used to worry that he would be mad at me for dragging him back to the Veterinarians, and especially the last year of his life when he was so sick, I think my car was on auto-drive for the last entire year of his life as we were there every week. But no matter how sick he was, the minute he knew we were leaving the vet’s office his adrenaline kicked in and he would run as fast as he could to the car and pound on the car door for me to open it up so he could get in.

The minute we left the veterinarians, he was once again a happy puppy, and held no grudge over what he had just had to endure. I guess maybe humans can learn a lesson from this.  Sometimes life is difficult, and we have stressful moments, but letting it go, and getting over things quickly, really is a much healthier and happier way to live your life.

Vet 'Tails'

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