Excerpt from Chapter: “It’s Showtime!”

Published December 5, 2017

Six months had now passed. My housemates were all doing extremely well in their internships, and getting ready to graduate and become professional canines in their chosen occupation. I, too, was nearing the completion of my training, culminating in a play that we were preparing for the public. We were rehearsing day and night for our upcoming performance of ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ a real-earth drama being recreated in Eternity. This was the ultimate canine acting challenge, as it turns out.

I had been cast as Romeo. After six months of education and training, my gut instinct was right. I was a natural. I could cry on cue, laugh on cue, and go deep into my inner soul to bring out any emotion. Madeline, Jack and Tootsie-Belle worked as hard as I did, but acting just wasn’t as natural for them. I was very good at drawing from my past experiences to emote whatever emotion was required for whatever scene.