Excerpt from Chapter: “Some Dogs Have All the Luck”

Published November 20, 2017

Afew months had passed and I was pretty good at my routine: yoga, meditation, healthy breakfast, exercise, daily reading—I had it all down and was dedicated to doing it daily. Auditioning, as it turned out, was an exhausting, emotionally gut-wrenching, rejecting experience. I had auditioned for so many things, and had even had a few call backs, but in three months had not so much as landed a commercial. Did you hear me right? I said commercial! Remember… I was the dog who was only going to do film. I had even stooped so low as to audition for a role on ‘Dig Brother,’ a reality show about a group of canines who lived together, the cameras catching their every move. Not only was it difficult to accept the rejection of not getting the parts I wanted, but when I didn’t get the parts that I didn’t want, it was crushing.