Excerpt from Chapter: “Learning the Game”

Published October 28, 2017

As we had all graduated from our internships, we were all now official members of the working society of canines in Eternity. Each one of us had a place to go every day, a job to do, a role to fill, a purpose, and many more canine coins to look forward to receiving now that we were finished our internships. Each of us, that is, except me. You see, actors aren’t assigned roles; actors have to audition for roles. So while my group set out every morning with their lunches packed and their schedules set, I started the audition circuit.

I was assigned an agent; Morty was his name and agenting was his game. He was a Chihuahua, and the first time I went into his office looking for him, I couldn’t find him, as he was underneath a script reading it whilst lying on his back. He was so small that I wouldn’t have noticed him if his ears weren’t poking out from under the pages of the script. “Err, err hmm,” I said as I cleared my throat, “Mr. Morty? Monk Martin here to see you.”