Excerpt from Chapter: “The Beginning of US!”

Published October 13, 2017

Our little home was not that big. It was basically a large room with a small kitchen in one corner, six little beds against another wall, and an area where there was a sofa, TV and love seat. The backyard, however, was spectacular. There was a very roomy porch and a huge backyard with three large trees, some small bushes with pink flowers on them, and in the corner of the yard an outdoor bathroom of sorts, one section for number one and one section for number two.

The city had an intricate system of waterworks and sewer, so there was never a need to dirty a lawn. Canine engineers had developed a system of waste removal and water delivery that we were told went back several thousands of years. As the fable goes, one dog, whose name was Vicente, had lived in a town called Pompeii which had a sewer and water system far advanced beyond its time. Once he entered Eternity, he used his knowledge to construct the same system here, and improvements had been made ever since. Really, Eternity was in some respects far more civilized than most places on earth I had seen.