Excerpt from Chapter: “Assimilating Sucks”

Published October 10, 2017

Before I knew it, several days had gone by. I was getting used to my routine, making new friends and enjoying pretty much all of the activities. I think it must have been about two weeks into everything when, in Arts and Crafts, Cristiano pulled me aside and said that we needed to have a talk. Apparently, no matter what material we used, I managed to construct something ‘Luv’ related. I had made Luv wallpaper, a Luv tissue box, and a Luv ceramic sculpture. The other dogs had made more, well, normal doggie types of images: cats to chase, bones to bury—I seemed to be the only one rather fixated on my human momma and family. We still discussed our ‘earth lives’ at length in group therapy, and I don’t think I was more obsessed than the others; it’s just that in my heart the thing that still made me the happiest were my thoughts of Luv, Chase, Serena and Max. Cristiano told me that he was very concerned, and that he might even recommend individual therapy for me, which he warned me would cut down on some of my play time.