Excerpt from Chapter: “My First Heartbreak”

Published October 7, 2017

They say in life when one door closes another door opens. Well, when this door opened, I was not sure if what I was seeing was real, or if I was back in bed with Luv and Chase having one hell of a crazy dream. With tears masking my view, I took a good look around at what I can only describe as a city made for dogs.

As we walked along the sidewalk there were buildings and restaurants and movie theaters, and homes—all sized for dogs. There were dogs on scooters and dogs on bicycles— there was even a two-lane street with dogs driving cars. It was like someone had shrunk a human town and staffed it with dogs—dogs of all sizes, shapes and colors; it was to say the least, overwhelming. There was a newsstand with newspapers and magazines, and a coffee shop. I mean, it really was everything any dog could ever in his wildest dreams wish for. I felt completely over-stimulated, scared and nervous, but at the same time curiously excited.