Excerpt from Chapter: “Just When a Dog Was Getting Comfy”

Published October 4, 2017

Little Serena grew and grew, and she became a fun playmate. She started to walk, talk and run, and we became the best of friends. I would lie beside her and watch TV, and play beside her outside, she was like a mini little Luv, as sweet and delicious as little human girls come. She had long blonde hair like Luv, and large, velvet blue eyes. She liked to laugh and play and I really loved hanging out with the mini-human.

One day I noticed what was a now somewhat familiar occurrence: Luv’s belly was getting fat again; Chase was starting to hover over her like a helicopter that had just trapped a robber in a back alley. Luv was eating weird things and consuming more food than what seemed humanly possible, and Chase was having chats with her belly again. I now knew that this meant soon she would explode and come home with another small human. The third bedroom upstairs was being decorated with pink walls, white furniture and had a little bed that was shaped like a castle. This was Serena’s new bedroom. She loved her new bed, and I had to admit that it was a fun place to play.